Nigerians ayo ogunjimi

The picture of nigerians ayo ogunjimi and obafemi awolowo university graduate with nigerian television authority Regarded and Respected within his own area of influence as one of the fastest rising, goal oriented young Nigerians, Ayo Ogunjimi is a Corporate Communicator and an Executive Coach. A passionate believer in the capacity of man to unlock the doors of boundless possibilities through continuous intellectual nourishment,... Read More


The picture of economy banking oil and gas insurance education with matter fact lot In the last few years, I have had the privilege of training captains of industries, heads of corporations, business owners, top government functionaries, religious leaders and key political figures in the art of public speaking. My... Read More


The picture of media market place and business reality nigeria with star hotels abuja So something this good could come out of Nazareth?. It came with mouthwatering graphics, a modus operandi that conformed to global standards and all the glitters and flashes that characterize any broadcast house that is serious about thriving in todays highly competitive media market-place. I am talking about NN24. Remember that television... Read More

Food Travel Tando Adam Sajji

The picture of opportunity visit tando adam and odero lal road with number mutton legs Last week, I got the opportunity to visit Tando Adam, a small town in Sind. It was my first time there and the sole reason of making this 400+ km round trip from Karachi was Mutton Sajji; the pearl of Pakistans rich culinary heritage!

We left Karachi at around 11am and reached Tando Adam just before 2pm. The route was pretty... Read More

Budgets are the New Black

Ive been busy as a beaver working on my home and (yesterday and) today the focus was the dining room. A couple of months ago, I kind of goofed: I tried to touch up the paint in the dining room Only I used the wrong paint, and didnt realize it until it dried. And then I didnt have the right paint to paint over it.

Oh, well, I thought.

Ill just repaint the whole thing with some other paint I already have. You know, sometime over the next year.

Only now were moving this... Read More

Art genres

The picture of Art genres and Visual arts with Arts Entering the Industrial Design department building on 161 South Main Street, you might notice the large work of art hanging in the ID lounge. The piece was installed by Yarrow Thorne BFA ID 12 as part of an effort to encourage students in the department to paint over, and replace with their own work. Here are a couple of questions... Read More