Science fiction epic

The picture of science fiction epic and meaning life hyperion with ineloquent poet martin silenus On the eve of Armageddon, with the entire galaxy at war, seven pilgrims set forth on a final voyage to Hyperion seeking the answers to the unsolved riddles of their lives. Each carries a desperate hope–and a terrible secret. And one may hold the fate of humanity... Read More

Host steve mcfarland

The picture of host steve mcfarland and video pentagon strike with series video animations Hello and Welcome to Dickeatsbush the 2k5 Video Review, I am your host Steve McFarland. I first started this Mission impossible in search of facts or at least more of them. My first visions of reality nearly 2 years ago came from Signs of the Times and their video Pentagon Strike.... Read More

Acrylic craft paint

Ive been DYING to share this with you for so long now! Weve been working on it for a couple of weeks, and its FINALLY finished! Yes, my friends, you too, can take a couple of old, dated bedside tables and transform them into an adorable, pint-sized play kitchen for the kiddos! As soon as I found out I was having a girl (all those months ago!), Ive known I wanted to someday build my daughter a play Read More

Effn dance yall drop

Lucy was selected to be in the opening number with her dance studio because shes stunningly graceful, and she can effn dance, yall. So, I drop her off at her practice for the opening number, and I know my place in this dance mom gig, its outside for a run. I go for a quick run to test out my brand new really cool looking shoes. And I return before they even finish all the announcements that I think I might have been required to stay at, Im not... Read More