Hash trees lists objects

As a programmer Im often asked to do what lots of programmers have to do, think about and analyze a completely conceptual structure. Programs can build up massive structures, the computer is more than happy to allow you to create a hash of trees of lists of objects with properties that are hashes of trees of lists of objects with properties that are and so on and so forth. That is one of the great strengths of programming, but also one of the greatest challenges.

At the end of the day... Read More

Conference on Innovation Journalism Stanford University

The picture of conference innovation journalism pakistan and forefront innovation journalism with amir jahangir ceoof samaa Just recently I had the honour of representing both Pakistan and Samaa Tv by speaking at the Sixth Conference on Innovation Journalism in Pakistan. Together with a brilliant team we showed to the world why Pakistanis at the forefront of innovation journalism and how innovation journalism is in fact the... Read More

The world is your acorn 2006

The picture of Sexual orientation and Outing with Homophobia On Saturday morning, Everything Guy and I canvassed for the Vote No on 1 campaign at Oktberfest in Germantown. I dont generally like to canvas because when I talk to strangers I tend to over-analyze the interaction until it makes me crazy. When canvassing the problem is magnified exponentially because there are bound to be people who disagree and want to argue. I am... Read More

Captain Harlock is a Russian Mafia Nun Mecha Guignol

I knew that was a legit cross and not some crazy anime Lilith-Crucified-Beneath-NERV-HQ made up shit. At least I had a vague idea that said cross was legit when I saw it and did a quick net search to reassure my assumptions. Turns out its the Russian Orthodox cross.

Im sure most anime fans had their minds wander towards Black Lagoon the instant they saw a gun-toting nun, what with the Church of Violence and everything. While my mind drifted in that drifted in that direction as well,... Read More

Moe, Slice of Life, Westerns, and Rob Liefeld

In the thrilling conclusion: How westerns and slice of life anime series are nostalgic for time periods that never occurred.

The western as we know it didnt come into existence until The Virginian was published in 1902. While stories about The West and various historical figures existed before that time, The Virginian is the first novel that follows many of the stereotypes that people have come to expect from the genre. It has the outsider coming into a small western town and getting... Read More

Better Than a Mass Effect Movie

Mass Effect fans are immediately concerned whenever we hear movie talks. Hollywood and the video games industry don’t have a very good track record of proper adaptations. A quick look at the movie adaptation of video games shows a track record of consistent critical flops. For example, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within has the highest scoring Tomato Meter on Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 43%.

As the weeks go by, I hear more and more about the planned Mass Effect movie.... Read More