2011 23 pLAywriting in the city

I moved to San Francisco from Texas to get my MFA in Writing, to take a few years to focus on my craft as a poet. Im an Imagist. That is, very image driven. And it was images that first attracted me to theatrethe line of limbs stretching and moving, the pantomime of bodies.

I was watching El Teatro Jornalero! rehearse. They were doing a series of movement exercises, silent yet so expressive. Watching them I had the urge to write, to sit down and watch and write.

And thats what I... Read More

What are the poems Articles

The picture of greek verb poiein and regard hispanic literature with arab invasions spain The poems are works written in verse, which seek to express the emotions or impressions of the world for the author , where it is common to use of rhyme and other tools of language.

Among the poems , we find those who are epic ,... Read More

Michael ryans course

The picture of michael ryans course and smu lot people with career life wasnt Body Moves. He has received a Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center fellowship, a NEA fellowship, and an Open Voice Award from the National Writers’ Voice Project.

Ghent Reader: What was it about Michael Ryans course that captivated you the most?

Tim Sebiles: Well, mainly I remember these great poems, these strange poems, from all... Read More

Christian travelers guide

The Christian Travelers Guide to Great Britain, the other church of note in Keswick is St Kentigern, Crosthwaite. It is located on the outskirts of Keswick a 10-15 minute walk north of the town centre. (I blogged Keswick’s first church of note here.)

You may be wondering “Who the heck is St Kentigern?” I’d never heard of him before we got to Britain, but it turns out that he was quite significant in western Scotland and the Lake District of England. St Kentigern... Read More

2011 16 pLAywriting in the city

The picture of bilinge rhina espaillat and daughters heart corazon with american culture contrast Bilingual/Bilinge by Rhina Espaillat helped me identify why I like to intersperse my plays with Spanish, my native language. One of the questions that arose several times during the workshop production of

The Rosalila was why there was so much Spanish in the play. Ive... Read More

Distraction Attraction

The picture of batch pumpkin cookies and boredom post meal stress with hours end anything As I have complained many times before, negative body image is killing me this week. I feel bloated, like nothing fits, and can barely stand to look in the mirror.

I also feel like I cant stop eating. I have been wicked hungry, non-stop since this weekend and I am having trouble either... Read More