Horror movies stream

The picture of horror movies stream and fucking horror movie with fellow army buddy I am not sure about you, but I constantly find myself trying to find updated lists of good horror movies to stream, and where to stream. So I will find one (a list that is), and then its outdated, and none of the gems on the list are streaming, or I cant find where to stream it. So one of my goals on Behind The Mask is to give at least 5 movies... Read More

Latest Trailer of The Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The picture of dawn treader trailer check and dawn treader walden media with narnia city ember The chronicles of narnia voyage of the dawn treader trailer Check out the first trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Does it look good – or is this franchise out of steam?. latest trailer for the chronicles of narnia the voyage of Latest trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of... Read More

Plenty shitty things

The picture of plenty shitty things and laymen spring breakers with james franco doesn The first year in the post-Mayan apocalyptic world was one for the ages. After initially thinking the world was going to end because of a calendar made by a civilization that believed collecting, burning, and smearing the blood from foreskin increased the rate at which crops grew in 2016; modern... Read More

The Chronic Curmudgeon Self

The picture of Eve Continuing on the theme of playing the wannabe game in Manhattan last night, after dinner we went to one of the more well-known New York clubs – Whiskey Blue. From the moment we walked in, I was miserable. I mean, really, really unhappy. But – not like I would have been a few years ago. Even for the last couple of years, I would have gone to a place like that and wanted *so* much to fit in better,... Read More

Tale imaginings snow

The picture of tale imaginings snow and kristin stewart charlize theron with kristin stewart lot reviews Despite the tornadoes ravaging the DC area this weekend, Akaemi and I made our way to our local theater to give a watch to the latest in fairy tale re-imaginings, Snow White and the Huntsman. Im not quite sure who this movie is hoping to attract to the theaters, but Im fairly certain that its not me.

The story centers... Read More

6 Remakes, Reboots and Sequels that Should Never Be Made

The picture of production companies money and love bit nostalgia with reboot sequel process Every year, every year its the same. We get at least one remake, reboot or sequel of a beloved movie that doesnt need to be made. And why? Is it because Hollywood has run out of ideas? You would think so, but the truth is there are so many writers out there who want to create new amazing movies. There are writers out there who want to... Read More