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The picture of horror movies stream and fucking horror movie with fellow army buddy I am not sure about you, but I constantly find myself trying to find updated lists of good horror movies to stream, and where to stream. So I will find one (a list that is), and then its outdated, and none of the gems on the list are streaming, or I cant find where to stream it. So one of my goals on Behind The Mask is to give at least 5 movies per month that you should watch, outside of reviews cause those could go either way. And none the mainstream obvious ones like the Babadook, but the hidden ones. Now, this list doesnt include my current favorite The Houses October Built (on netflix) because I just did a review on it. So, other than that, here are 5 movies (in no particular order) you need to watch that can be found streaming online as of September 2016. Also, side note there are no spoilers for this, but I am giving the basis of the story so if you want to go in blind, look at the photo, and then start streaming!

The Guest Streaming on Netflix. Okay this movie is seriously amazing. I know so because I told my Fiance to stop what she was doing and to watch it, and she did, and she also loved it. If my fiancee loves a horror movies, its a good fucking horror movie. Although The Guest is more of a thriller, kinda. Great soundtrack and good acting. If you are a fan of 80s action and horror then this movie is for you. It is basically about a grieving family who has lost their son to the war, when a fellow army buddy shows up at their door to tell them their sons dying words. From there he is accepted into the family, until things start to not be what they seem. Highly, highly recommend this one.

The Battery Streaming on Hulu. This is a give or take for people I feel like. I was completely hooked at the very beginning because it starts off amazing! The first scene is great, cause you have no idea what you are getting into. Then you see that it was made on a low budget and have that thought of should I finish or move to another movie. DONT MOVE TO ANOTHER MOVIE! FINISH THIS ONE! The dialog is spot on, and it really shows the mental state people would go though in a post apocalyptic world. The music is also amazing on this one if youre into good country folk type music, not the pop kind the good kind. This movie is about two baseball players surviving a post apocalyptic world on the road. BONUS: One of the scenes with the characters singing a song inside a house is also the best part of this movie. That scene alone is worth watching this one.

Housebound Streaming on Netflix. This is more of a comedy horror. It has a few good jumps, and a really good twist at the end. I went in not knowing it had a comedic twist, which can sometimes ruin a horror movie if your mind isnt in the right place, but this one was fun. It keeps you guessing the whole time, and its also British so thats how you know its a good one. This movie is the story of a young girl who is put on house arrest at her parents house, which she grew up in. The house is creepy as fuck and after a break in law enforcement (or the housebound security team) is convinced there is possibly a ghost in the house!

Honeymoon Streaming on Netflix. This couple is adorable. The love story is cute and fun. If you are a fan of Game Of Thrones, this movie stars Rose Leslie who does an amazing job. This movie goes from being really cute to really creepy really fast! I dont want to go into a lot of details because it does get a little weird, but its basically about this couples honeymoon at a cabin the girl grew up in, and soon things start getting weird. REAL weird.

Devils Pass Streaming on Netflix. Okay. So there are a lot of horror movies in my opinion that are 90% fun awesome, and then 10% wtf why did you do that. This movie is the case. So without spoiling anything, the majority of this movie is very creepy and awesome. The story behind why these people are hiking in some Russian mountains is very intriguing and the setting itself is enough to scare the pants off you. Middle of the snowing freezing mountains, in rural Russia! Yeah. But at some point the story changes and well I will let you be the judge. Watch this one on a freezing cold night!

Well thats it! These are my first 5 suggestions for you to watch! All are on Netflix, except the Battery which is on Hulu. It might be on netflix, I am just not aware at the moment if it is. But go watch these as they are ones I passed for months and then when I finally watched them I was very pleased that I did. Now since this is a list of movies you should watch, here are a few that I couldnt even get through they were actually terrible: A Good Marriage and Preservation. Although I hear I need to give Preservation another go, so maybe I will.

Check back next month for my list of top 10 horror movies to stream this October. Also some reviews coming up will be for The Gallows, The Den, Mocking Bird, and Dark places, just to name a few! Happy Scaring!

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