Michael ryans course

The picture of michael ryans course and smu lot people with career life wasnt Body Moves. He has received a Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center fellowship, a NEA fellowship, and an Open Voice Award from the National Writers’ Voice Project.

Ghent Reader: What was it about Michael Ryans course that captivated you the most?

Tim Sebiles: Well, mainly I remember these great poems, these strange poems, from all... Read More

Gelly guava tips ive

The picture of gelly guava tips ive and jelly sandwiches glitter with hand dont mind These are all Barry M. Im a big fan of Barry M. On alternate fingers I have Barry M Turquoise, which is that nice creamy baby blue, with Gelly Guava tips. Ive not found the Gelly series much different from the ordinary ones. Im not sure whether theyre supposed to be thicker and shinier or whether theyre supposed to be a bit more translucent so... Read More

2011 Jason tells it like it is!

Overrecent years, disposable fashion store and I mean disposable in the positive sense, H&M have collaborated with a number of designer, brands and artists, including Lanvin, Comme de Garcon, Matthew Williamson,Karl Lagerfeld,Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney and Madonna. These collaborations have not only been extremely successful, but have made high fashion more accessible to people whosepurses dont stretch beyond high street prices.

According to , the next label to collaborate with... Read More

Budgets are the New Black

A friend and I planned to see a movie this weekend, but at the last minute she reneged on me something about a last-minute work deadline or some such nonsense. I was like, so whatever. (Hi, Erin!)

Just kidding. Going to a movie is a pretty big treat for me: the finances, yes; but also just the getting away. And going with a friend is that much more rare it usually means two moms have the time and money to make it happen at the same... Read More


I just started re-reading CS Lewiss The Problem of Pain. Its an amazing book challenging modern concepts of Love (

There is kindness in Love, but Love and kindness are not coterminous), and trying to tackle the intolerable intellectual problem of human suffering. Lewis has a gift for stating things eloquently and plainly at the same time. He can turn a topic around and over, examining it from multiple angles and provoke the reader to not only consider his opinion, but to think for... Read More