Michael ryans course

The picture of michael ryans course and smu lot people with career life wasnt Body Moves. He has received a Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center fellowship, a NEA fellowship, and an Open Voice Award from the National Writers’ Voice Project.

Ghent Reader: What was it about Michael Ryans course that captivated you the most?

Tim Sebiles: Well, mainly I remember these great poems, these strange poems, from all... Read More

Notre dame nov

The picture of notre dame nov and streaks sports history with irish defense desperation You see it is simply disingenuous to just say my best friend Ron is a half-is-glass-full person. Hes more like a glass-is-running-over kind of person, which, I think, is the reason we are drift compatible.

I mean, I dont know many other people that could remain friends with a person who doesnt just see the glass as half empty but sees... Read More

Form intensity time

The picture of form intensity time and dance classes thats with team work dances Lucy is my dance girl. This year, I thought it would be good for her to try out for Performance Troupe. Say What? Clearly Im the Mother Of The Year because I am no dance mom. Still, I wanted to encourage her to try out for the experience, and for better/more dance instruction. I also had this idea in my head that it would be a good time for Lucy to... Read More

Judy Blume was my first love

The picture of margaret judy blume and judy blume book with dean koontz book I was 12 and it was the summer before seventh grade . I was in love for the first time with a fictional character.

Are you there God, its me Margaret by Judy Blume. It was my favorite Judy Blume book and still is. I couldnt put it down. It consumed me. If I was going to relate to anybody at that time in my life it was Margaret! Well, except for... Read More

Wayne dyer eckhart tolle

The picture of wayne dyer eckhart tolle and mind body spirit books with clients gain confidence 2016 seems to be more exiting than any other year, it could be because of all the ‘end of the world’ talk at the end of last year when the world was meant to end on the 21st December. Many are thinking phew, thank goodness, some are thinking damn we are stuck... Read More

Family saga epic

The picture of family saga epic and novels sidney sheldon master with tale trademarked sheldon And there he did it again – wonderful story, it is about diamond rush, strong & wise people, mad people, love & all the crazy things some people do for love. You must get this book, read it and then agree with me. There is no other way, because you will see... Read More