Nostalgias a funny thing. You get this feeling of longing that makes you wish you could relive certain events that have long since passed. You miss those days that youve ever so slightly edited in your mind to appear to be far more enjoyable than they were at the time. Rationally speaking, you know they werent nearly as good as you remember them to be, but you dont give a damn. Sure, being a teenager again may mean having little more than a ten-dollar bill in your pocket and no car to get you... Read More

Anime Review The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya at Reflections of a Young Pilgrim

The picture of melancholy haruhi suzumiya and slice life moments fact with sci comedy adventure synopsis The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is probably best described as an experimental anime. It is downright unpredictable and tries to fit in the comedy genre using that. If youre not one to enjoy randomness in your stories then feel free to skip this anime, its simply not the comedy style for you; but for me who loves the... Read More

Moe, Slice of Life, Westerns, and Rob Liefeld

In the thrilling conclusion: How westerns and slice of life anime series are nostalgic for time periods that never occurred.

The western as we know it didnt come into existence until The Virginian was published in 1902. While stories about The West and various historical figures existed before that time, The Virginian is the first novel that follows many of the stereotypes that people have come to expect from the genre. It has the outsider coming into a small western town and getting... Read More

Captain Harlock is a Russian Mafia Nun Mecha Guignol

I knew that was a legit cross and not some crazy anime Lilith-Crucified-Beneath-NERV-HQ made up shit. At least I had a vague idea that said cross was legit when I saw it and did a quick net search to reassure my assumptions. Turns out its the Russian Orthodox cross.

Im sure most anime fans had their minds wander towards Black Lagoon the instant they saw a gun-toting nun, what with the Church of Violence and everything. While my mind drifted in that drifted in that direction as well,... Read More

2009 A Year Where Anime Didn t Suck

Really. Lets just call it The Year Where the Villains were the Heroes. Because most of the peeps in these series arent nice people, even when theyre doing The Right Thing.

Also: Hamyuts Meseta is the most moe anime girl ever. If ones moequotient was measured by body counts. And it is.

Trapeze is a matter of style as substance. The actual gist of the series is kinda mediocre: exploring and solving peoples anxieties. If this were done in... Read More

Escape from the Planet of the Lolitas Mecha Guignol

If anime continues to be dominated by moe, youll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.

What frustrates me most about the current moe fad is how far it has saturated anime culture. It was easy to ignore when it was isolated to a handful of series each season. There were plenty of other options to pick from, and you could ignore the stuff that insisted on indulging these fetishes.

And even then, some of these moe series were... Read More