Amazing and Futuristic Residence Design Inspiration

The picture of Architectural design and Interior design with Kitchen Blazzing house Modern and Futuristic Green Energy Efficient Home Design Concept, on three sides and form a unity with the green roof. Garden landscape laid out to catch rain water and poured into the domestic water treatment. Softscape elements on the roof used as a place to plant vegetables and while lowering grasses maintenance costs and aesthetic plants.... Read More

Are you Game for some Art Deco furniture

Interior designis a profession with a long standing tradition. Everything from office buildings to private homes has been created using various design principles to give a wonderful, lasting impression of beauty and art. When considering how to redesign anyinterior spaceit is important to consider just what type of style you will incorporate into the plans right from the beginning.

One of the most popular design aspects that which has... Read More

Lighting flooring functionality

The picture of lighting flooring functionality and goodie mob outkast with espresso hardwood floors In the world of interior design, there are so many resources to take advantage of. As a seasoned interior designer (hospitality, residential and commercial) I often critique rooms by taking heed to the choices of finishes such as lighting, flooring, functionality and reasons for those choices. As I enter a property I expect a... Read More

Decorative arts

The picture of Decorative arts and Rooms with Visual arts Burton Baldridge Architects design an exclusive and modern house. The location of this house is in Austin, Texas. The chosen color of this Austin house is mostly in white making this house looks so comfortable, fresh and clean. The glass walled used in this house make the occupants or guests of this house look the

January 16th, 2016

4... Read More