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The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Stephen Dedalus, James Joyce alter ego, translates Aquinas, saying that,Three things are needed for beauty, wholeness, harmony, and radiance. James Joyce, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 188 (Barnes and Noble Classics 1982). In Renaissance Italy and the Protestant Netherlands, these three elements were clearly present in the art. There is wholeness in the figures and forms, and harmony in the... Read More

Do You Need a Master of Fine Arts Degree to be a Good Abstract Artist

The picture of photography painting ceramics printmaking and rhode island school design with art institute chicago. Is a Master of Fine Arts degree for visual art necessary to become a recognized abstract or modern artist? Will it help you to become a better abstract artist?

Unfortunately the quality of the art you produce has a direct... Read More

Art Blog Blog Archive Art of Darkness Guardian Feature 06 02 2010

The picture of decades sincemassive attack and las west pico boulevard with art scenester leigh bowery Its been two decades sinceMassive Attack stood sweating it out on LAs West Pico Boulevard, filming that video for their singleUnfinished Sympathy. With original art scenester Leigh Bowery helping co-ordinate LAs lowlife on one side, and David Lynchs cameraman trying to film them on the other, it was an art-pop epic that would... Read More

Are you Game for some Art Deco furniture

Interior designis a profession with a long standing tradition. Everything from office buildings to private homes has been created using various design principles to give a wonderful, lasting impression of beauty and art. When considering how to redesign anyinterior spaceit is important to consider just what type of style you will incorporate into the plans right from the beginning.

One of the most popular design aspects that which has... Read More