Marvel to expand Forever line New Comics Day

Following the smashing successes of X-Men Forever, X-Factor Forever, New Mutants Forever, and The Nam Forever, Marvel Entertainment, a small division of the Walt Disney Corporation, is pleased to announce an expansion of the line of comic books. Freezing events at a particularly historic era, the Forever ideology gives creators a chance to take things into surprisingly new and different directions than how the print runs originally evolved, to the shock and awe and overwhelming joy of readers... Read More

Book todd parr love

The picture of book todd parr love and parrs work hes with alison jay weve What probably surprises people is that its taken me this long to get around to a favorite books post. This one, though, is pretty much dictated by the short man. He has decided preferences in his bedtime reading, so without further ado, Bens favorite books (plus, one for Katie).

1. The I Love You Book by Todd Parr. We love this book because it... Read More

Moe, Slice of Life, Westerns, and Rob Liefeld

Im old enough to have been a fan of super hero comic books during the comic speculation boom of the early 90s. Like a lot of kids at the time, I got into comics after the first Batman movie was released in 1989, which just happened to be the summer I was transitioning between elementary school and middle school. In retrospect, most of the comics I read werent all that great, but I got a big kick out of those comics then and still do to a certain extent. But yeah, at the time the comic... Read More

Captain Harlock is a Russian Mafia Nun Mecha Guignol

I knew that was a legit cross and not some crazy anime Lilith-Crucified-Beneath-NERV-HQ made up shit. At least I had a vague idea that said cross was legit when I saw it and did a quick net search to reassure my assumptions. Turns out its the Russian Orthodox cross.

Im sure most anime fans had their minds wander towards Black Lagoon the instant they saw a gun-toting nun, what with the Church of Violence and everything. While my mind drifted in that drifted in that direction as well,... Read More

Stage san diego

The picture of stage san diego and blockbuster excitement batman with character alfred weve Back in 2016, on the stage of San Diego Comic-Con, actorHarry Lennix came up and read a line from The Dark KnightReturns, the classic comic book story where Batman comes out of retirement and, among other things, faces off against Superman. That day, the internet exploded, and the... Read More

SDCC Day One Roundup New Comics Day

New Comics Day flew out our resident Rex Graine of comic book journalism, nilskidoo, to cover the San Diego Comic Con as only he can. This article comprises his many text messages, tweets, and voice mail from throughout the first day of the greatest show on Earth, SDCC.

The picture of resident rex graine and book journalism nilskidoo with text messages tweets. 10:00. Knowing that Marvel and DC leave their big news for... Read More