Stream consciousness dont

The picture of stream consciousness dont and guy captain planet with maxim fhm vice First, I want to bring up the whole puss-out issue because it truly sets the stage for how twisted this schmuck is. This person had the time to sit down and spew out over a thousand words of social flag-waving pseudo-media-intellectual bullshit but then asked me not to publish it because it was not his opinion but more a stream of consciousness.... Read More

The world is your acorn 2006

The picture of Food and drink and Cuisine with Princess Jasmine I went to try and give blood this afternoon, but was deferred due to a mosquito bite on my arm vein. The lady asking me the is your blood good enough for us questions saw it, then looked at my other arm, and decided she needed to consult with someone else to see if they could do it today. I was paranoid that they think Im shooting up, since it is a weird looking... Read More

Wedding planning carrie

Well, not yet, but they will be soon! Carrie, Nicks younger sister and her boyfriend Anthony got engaged this past Friday! Im so excited for themand super relieved the secret is out. Anthony talked to Nick and Ed (Nicks Dad) while we were in Idaho for Christmas, so its been killing me to keep this a secret. But it was fun to have an excuse to look at rings again for her!

Carrie and Anthony live in Dallas and he sent her on a scavenger hunt. He had called her Read More

Pastor Joe McGarry

The picture of lectionary gospel reading church and god love grace with star wars fan I am almost caught up to week four (the readings for this week). I was able to catch up some this week while I was on a retreat in New Jersery. For my reflection I am going to be cheating a little bit. I am going to be posting parts of my sermon since this week part of our reading included Matthew 5-7 (the lectionary Gospel reading at church... Read More

Writing Tough Love

The picture of dream drive hours and bathroom theres room with blankets pillow cases I embarked on my writing trip this past weekend. I love me a good road trip. I carefully crafted my road trip play list so that I could practice and consider my debut on The Voice. Because I am THAT good when the music is full blast and all the windows are rolled up. I packed twelve cokes, snacks, and 4 suitcases of what would turn out to be... Read More