Nigerian movies person

The picture of nigerian movies person and variety nigerian movies with nigerian action movies. The Nigerian Movie Industry Nigerian film industry has expanded immensely in the last decade. The unique Nigerian culture has provided a good environment for the movie industry to prosper. There are many sites that have come up to provide Nigerian movies for downloading. However, choosing the right site to download Nigerian movies can... Read More

03 20 2004 “A day late but…..”

1. …owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve? Hmmm that’s a hard one cause peoples taste in food and whats “in” changes so fast. If it were in my area, I would make a strictly Portuguese/Spanish/Cuban style place. With traditional food’s and meals of the day that would be discounted. There’s alot of bars, and a few italian pubs around my area and ALOT of portuguese/spanish people here so I think it would be a hit.

2. …owned a small... Read More

Do You Need a Master of Fine Arts Degree to be a Good Abstract Artist

The picture of photography painting ceramics printmaking and rhode island school design with art institute chicago. Is a Master of Fine Arts degree for visual art necessary to become a recognized abstract or modern artist? Will it help you to become a better abstract artist?

Unfortunately the quality of the art you produce has a direct... Read More

2011 16 pLAywriting in the city

The picture of bilinge rhina espaillat and daughters heart corazon with american culture contrast Bilingual/Bilinge by Rhina Espaillat helped me identify why I like to intersperse my plays with Spanish, my native language. One of the questions that arose several times during the workshop production of

The Rosalila was why there was so much Spanish in the play. Ive... Read More

Why a Hoodie Is More Powerful Than a Suit

The picture of trust king james and lebrons shawn carters with difference side note cereal Whats not obvious to the average style guru is that how you dress is really about power. Whats the difference between a man in a hoodie and a man in a suit? Well, nothing. Except power. The one who has more power can dress however he wants. There are those who need to be band from whatever... Read More