EXCLUSIVE Porsha Ferguson Talks Becoming An Actress, Enhancing her Brand, Beauty Adventures More

Homicide Hunter.Being the fan that I am, I remember when Ms. Ferguson first appeared on Single Ladies, a hit show that aired a few years ago, and was always curious to know her journey. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Porsha and get a little scoop of her, as well as her latest projects.

Growing up life was not always peaches and cream for Porsha, but her path to fame is interesting and exciting. Rumor has it she moved to Atlanta from Memphis, TN, with only $80 to her name... Read More

2013 Best of the Bedroom Winners

The picture of bedroom day dont and day night owl with way kristen ashley Welcome to the party, SmutSluts. Its Lovers Day aka Valentines Day aka Best of the Bedroom Day! We dont have a red carpet to roll out, but then you dont have to tape up your boobs or walk in 6 inch stilettos, so lets call it even.

Well keep it short (pretend you hear an orchestra playing us off the stage now) but know that this post contains the... Read More

Timing intertwine luck

The picture of timing intertwine luck and money team garry with garry studio atlanta One of my great friends/Mentor Garry Gizzo Smith always told me keep going and never stop. Garry was once a bodygaurd for various talents including his main client at the time Bobby Brown. He told me while working on set of Thin line between love and hate he was listening to his own production through his headphones vibing and somehow someone... Read More

Do you have a man (lady) Crush

The picture of individuals man lady and job role chances with campaigns climate change Its human behaviour. As people, we look up to people. We observe, and want to associate ourselves with successful individuals.

Man (or lady) crushes

It has nothing to do with physical attractiveness; its just an admiration from afar.

We may have gone into a particular field and been inspired by someone as a reasoning... Read More

Work computer wouldnt

I know, I know. I am way overdue for a post here. But listen, I had one all planned out for this morning! Only when I got into work my computer wouldnt connect to the network, and then it turned out that no ones computer would connect to the network, and then it turned out the server had crashed. Benevolent Dictator Jamie has one of those nifty portable wireless thingees, but that was still one Read More

Collection whingey emo tunes

The picture of collection whingey emo tunes and american canadian singer with dance gavin dance Jonny Craigs debut album A Dream is a Question You Dont Know How to Answer was released way back in 2009 when I was an awkward, surly wreck of a 16-year-old but has remained a timeless classic in my vast collection of whingey emo tunes. It was released through Rise Records, where he became the first solo artist on the label. This... Read More