2011 23 pLAywriting in the city

I moved to San Francisco from Texas to get my MFA in Writing, to take a few years to focus on my craft as a poet. Im an Imagist. That is, very image driven. And it was images that first attracted me to theatrethe line of limbs stretching and moving, the pantomime of bodies.

I was watching El Teatro Jornalero! rehearse. They were doing a series of movement exercises, silent yet so expressive. Watching them I had the urge to write, to sit down and watch and write.

And thats what I... Read More

Learn about the top breathing techniques intended for singing, the distinction between a music teacher and a voice instructor and learn how to perform just like a professional

The picture of significance respiration workout routines and yoga exercises pilates exercises with video tutorials musicians Whatever it is if you have the determination to learn then you will surely learn well. Every individual wants to learn how to sing, some as a hobby plus some professionally. We frequently have many questions at the back of our mind. Can any person learn how to sing well? How do you discover ways to sing?... Read More

Mel gibson stuff

The picture of mel gibson stuff and work publicists publicists with movie business tips I am going to get a bit retroactive here. All this Mel Gibson stuff has me thinking about the Passion Of The Christ phenomenon.

I recall hearing these things about the film before seeing it.

1. Mel Gibson spent $20 million of his own money making it.

2. It was going to... Read More

The Belly Dancer s Body

The picture of music downtown toronto doesnt and sawah april sawah with deal mastery middle Belly dance is sensual, to be sure. But is it really any more risqu than Russian ballet or Spanish flamenco?

Yasmina Ramzy, founder of Arabesque Dance Company a school for Arabian dance and music in downtown Toronto, doesnt think so. Arabesque is currently gearing up for SAWAH in April, 2016. SAWAH is a world dance and music... Read More

Canadian comedy scene

The picture of canadian comedy scene and success comedy tommy with canadian comedy awards. I have never given much thought to what being a stand-up comedian entails. Not because I wasnt interested but because I never had a reason to. After sitting down with Tommy Campbell, a rising star in the Canadian comedy scene, I believe that most of you dont have a clue either. There is no such thing as an overnight success in comedy.... Read More

NCD Fixes The World Getting You a Comics Job Part 1 New Comics Day

The picture of brian michael bendis and friend herbold years with feud dont waste time. In the high powered world of comic book creators, one person stands between Joe Fanboy and superstardom: an agent. The best kept secret in comics, agents are essential to getting published. Heres some pointers from Angelina Dominga Carmina, superstar agent and career builder to almost every major power player in the industry. She sat down... Read More