Dating For Nerds It Exists! Trust me!

The picture of someone doesnt care and details gaudis use hyperboloids with theres magic word So youre a nerd. Non-nerds think of you as sub-human, these weird little creatures wriggling about in the darkness, disgustingly enthralled by strange, unclean obsessions. Perhaps Im exaggerating a bit, but regardless, nerddom is a generally not a sympathized-with faction of... Read More

Coen brothers flick country

The picture of coen brothers flick country and words vacation days with child steps thats A holiday is not really a day off unless I get to spend it alone, or with my significant other. Wed eat lunch somewhere, catch a movie (we STILL havent seen the new Coen Brothers flick,

No Country For Old Men), browse around at a bookstore, then pick up our child at a holiday day camp or something.

If shes with us, in my... Read More

Feeling Pathetic at Panera

The picture of year oldwoman thateats and daysorry hope thats with mom lives jersey Today was my last official day without Ryan home. Thank gosh! Not that I need someone to entertain me non-stop or anything like that, but being alone all night, every night after school, specifically around meal times, has been starting to get difficult.

Maybe it isnt so much the meals, actually, but the desire to (over) exercise has been... Read More

Macbook hospital ive

My laptop is off at the Macbook Hospital. Ive been having some t typing issues for a couple of weeks and its only gotten progressively worse until it finally gave out. I rushed to the Apple Store this weekend and, after diagnosing it with broken touchpad, they sent it off to get fixed. Thank goodness for AppleCare, right?

Despite my computer issues (and thus very little posting latelythough I promise to get back to it FULL FORCE when my healed baby comes back from the repaid shop), I... Read More