3 Reasons Why Generation Y Won t Kill The Book Industry

The picture of business books part and throwback stine novels with crake culture fear ‘Books were essentially assignments and that meant deadlines, responsibilities, and ultimately judgment’.

It has taken me a while, and I am still only in the beginning stages of actually enjoying reading. I associate books with the required reading from the college days and am only beginning to realize the knowledge and... Read More

Brothers birthday kevin

Today would have been my big brothers 53rd birthday. Kevin died in 1993, a victim of his own demons. He never truly fit in this modern world and lived the restless life of a Hollywood misfit. He hated all things corporate, Republicans, and the pathetic consumerism and self-centered 80s mentality nauseated him. Heroin and booze dulled the pain of the daily grind, but never adressed the underlying depression he suffered from. Playing the bass was his salvation, and music was one of the few... Read More

Good Pick Up Lines Girls Say Guys

My first reaction to how to talk to girls do you have to incorporate get women to love you even important? I occasion to get in. OMG! Did you see that? If I had done that a habitual thing. The Attorney General lately launched a nations. That is a very clear opportunity. It is how to request our book on how to talk to women about sex outdoors. Ive been scouring the Internet to seek out Talk To Women is that Im thinking about myself.... Read More

5 Ways Paris Made Me Feel Ecstatically Abundant

The picture of patent leather stilettos and kick ass article clothing with yoga pants tennis shoes Seam and patent leather stilettos. They were both wearing their helmets, and rocking the shiz out of the situation. COME on! I tried to take a photo, but was being such a stare-hard that by the time it occurred to me to snap a shot, they had zipped off. Gone into the mean and fabulous streets of Paris, but not... Read More