Gelly guava tips ive

The picture of gelly guava tips ive and jelly sandwiches glitter with hand dont mind These are all Barry M. Im a big fan of Barry M. On alternate fingers I have Barry M Turquoise, which is that nice creamy baby blue, with Gelly Guava tips. Ive not found the Gelly series much different from the ordinary ones. Im not sure whether theyre supposed to be thicker and shinier or whether theyre supposed to be a bit more translucent so... Read More

Dough boy boys

The picture of dough boy boys and day day struggle with dough boys mom I watched Boyz N The Hood, the other day and the scene with Ricky Dying really hit me. I saw the movie a long time ago as a kid, but the scene never really hit me like it did just recently. Maybe its because I see the struggle that each of the guys are going through as real, as something we all face as black men. Its a struggle of coming of age in... Read More

Budgets are the New Black

A friend and I planned to see a movie this weekend, but at the last minute she reneged on me something about a last-minute work deadline or some such nonsense. I was like, so whatever. (Hi, Erin!)

Just kidding. Going to a movie is a pretty big treat for me: the finances, yes; but also just the getting away. And going with a friend is that much more rare it usually means two moms have the time and money to make it happen at the same... Read More

Buddha belly rise

The picture of buddha belly rise and love side note Wake up with a smile. Most every morning Baby J wakes up with a huge double-toothed grin. Its the most beautiful thing to wake up to, and who can blame him? Hes happy to be alive and begin a new day!

Be Silly. Make funny sounds and giggle lots! Who cares what people think? So often we hold back hilarious laughter in fear of looking silly. Next time something makes you... Read More