Half hour spot

The picture of half hour spot and euraud minute chart with yesterdays post ive . It took us less than a half hour to spot our first trade in this mornings Live Room session. It was a bullish Gartley pattern on the EURAUD 5 minute chart. Following up on yesterdays post Ive been watching this pair since Sunday on the higher timeframes looking for a trend continuation... Read More

Random thoughts on break ups

The picture of fucking pieces shit and assholes people arent with fucking trait something youre Haaaaaaay guys, i know once i started i stopped writing lol sorry!Ive been busy and trying to getthrough a really crappy time in my life. It feels like everything right now sucks but i know its for the best and i know i will get through it. Icant sleep so why not write a blog... Read More

GeorgeWBush.com President Bush Touts Education Accomplishments and Agenda, Improving Education for Every Child in America

The picture of states america applause and love visit schools love with vote applause today One of the things I like best about traveling around with my husband on the campaign trail is the chance to — that I get to introduce him. Another thing that I love, that I’ve really loved about the last three years, three-and-a-half years, is the chance I’ve had to visit schools all over the United States of America.... Read More

Virgo Cluster Resident

The picture of Human sexuality and Sexual reproduction with Fuck She has never understood her own beauty, the joy she is capable of eliciting from those around her or the simple quiet comfort of her presence when the darkness threatens to consume. Who am I to love her, to hope for the kiss Id ached for time and again almost since I met her? A crude meat-bag, born of the mud and... Read More

Timothy dalton version

Would be happy. Sadly, it did not end that way, although it is a great series. I do keep trying though. I saw the Timothy Dalton version of the movie, which did nothing for me. Then I saw the Michael Fassbender version, which did entirely too much for me (please see our X-Men post for more on my feelings about Michael Fassbender). So, since Mr. Rochester-Fassbender was making me feel all warm and tingly and I had been hearing good things about April Lindners

Jane, I picked up a... Read More