What are the poems Articles

The picture of greek verb poiein and regard hispanic literature with arab invasions spain The poems are works written in verse, which seek to express the emotions or impressions of the world for the author , where it is common to use of rhyme and other tools of language.

Among the poems , we find those who are epic ,... Read More

The Casting of a Play Reflecting Community Diversity on Stage for the Audience

The picture of latino theater company and chemin bernard chemin bernard with jean bruce scott In L.A., the Latino Theater Company collaborated with Chemin Bernard of Chemin Bernard Casting and Jean Bruce Scott, Producing Executive Director at Native Voices at the Autry to bring together a multicultural group of talented artists for the upcoming production of t he road weeps, the well runs dry, by Marcus Gardley. Finding Native... Read More

The Story of Bobbywood

The picture of bellboy bill ratner and uncle robert jellison with uncle bobbys bobbywood Bobbywood: Whatever Happened to Bobby the Bellboy, Bill Ratner tells the story of his uncle Robert Jellison who in 1954 was made a TV star by Desi Arnaz of I Love Lucy. Although he had various small parts on the show, he is best known as Bobby the Bellboy who worked at the hotel where Lucy and Ricky stayed in while living in Hollywood.... Read More

A Man s Home on the Internet Blog Archive Music s Lollapalooza, Part III

The picture of song usa boys and pop star neon hitch with crowd response ive. Another day, another flask in the festival. We got there in time to hear the last fifteen minutes of HEALTH, including their song USA Boys, which was incredible live. I really think that song would kill in an indoor venue. As great as Lollapalooza was, it only... Read More

A quick history of ventriloquism

The picture of master ventriloquists today and history ventriloquism youre with days history ventriloquism. Theres a lot more to the art and showmanship of the ventriloquism than stuffing your hand up the backside of a puppet and manipulating its mouth to speak while you yourself appear to be saying nothing at all.

One of the most advanced forms of showmanship and entertainment ever developed, and certainly a skill that... Read More

Feature CMJ Report The Second Life of Lovelife

The picture of doors music fans and pop enthusiasts lovelife with venue chez andr Its CMJ week here in New York; a week-long musical Mardi Gras that sees more than 80 of the citys venues open their doors to music fans and industry types alike, all in search of The Next Big Thing.

On the shortlist of bands striving for said designation are noir-pop enthusiasts Lovelife, whom we caught up with following their performance... Read More