Nostalgias a funny thing. You get this feeling of longing that makes you wish you could relive certain events that have long since passed. You miss those days that youve ever so slightly edited in your mind to appear to be far more enjoyable than they were at the time. Rationally speaking, you know they werent nearly as good as you remember them to be, but you dont give a damn. Sure, being a teenager again may mean having little more than a ten-dollar bill in your pocket and no car to get you... Read More

Plenty shitty things

The picture of plenty shitty things and laymen spring breakers with james franco doesn The first year in the post-Mayan apocalyptic world was one for the ages. After initially thinking the world was going to end because of a calendar made by a civilization that believed collecting, burning, and smearing the blood from foreskin increased the rate at which crops grew in 2016; modern... Read More

05 31 2004 “And people wonder why I hate my older sister!”

People wonder!? The picture of bedroom doors cause and nightstand socks bottles water with fridge razors zip. Cause shes a fucking theiving whore! People wonder why everyone in my house and family has locks on their bedroom doors? Cause my older sisters a theiving whore!! People wonder why whenever I talk about... Read More

Tex mex restaurant

The picture of tex mex restaurant and bridget jones movie with singleton solidarity cutie Last night she and her fianc invited a bunch of their friends out to celebrate at a Tex-Mex restaurant. The food was great and the margaritas were more than appreciated, but it would have been way more fun if I had not been the only single chick there. I felt like I was in a Bridget... Read More

2009 A Year Where Anime Didn t Suck

Really. Lets just call it The Year Where the Villains were the Heroes. Because most of the peeps in these series arent nice people, even when theyre doing The Right Thing.

Also: Hamyuts Meseta is the most moe anime girl ever. If ones moequotient was measured by body counts. And it is.

Trapeze is a matter of style as substance. The actual gist of the series is kinda mediocre: exploring and solving peoples anxieties. If this were done in... Read More