2011 23 pLAywriting in the city

I moved to San Francisco from Texas to get my MFA in Writing, to take a few years to focus on my craft as a poet. Im an Imagist. That is, very image driven. And it was images that first attracted me to theatrethe line of limbs stretching and moving, the pantomime of bodies.

I was watching El Teatro Jornalero! rehearse. They were doing a series of movement exercises, silent yet so expressive. Watching them I had the urge to write, to sit down and watch and write.

And thats what I... Read More

Inspiration in the Wings A stage actress takes matters into her own hands and opens a theatre

I myself am based in Los Angeles. I consider myself to be an LA stage actress.I had just gotten my Equity card before I moved out from NYC (where I am originally from). I got cast in a 99-seat play directed by Diane Rodriguez and got some nice reviews and my theatre career took off. I started working at South Coast Rep and the Center Theatre Group and eventually some of those directors and writers brought me back to New York to work. I mean its funnywho moves to LA to become a stage actress?... Read More

Tales From A Johnny Legs Fangirl

These are just a few things on my bucket list. No biggee, except that for this fangirl, that last item made me internally SQUEE. I have been a fan of John Leguizamos stage work since I first saw

Spic-O-Rama on HBO in 1993. Never had I been so grateful that my parents had cable.

Spic-O-Rama, HBO graced me with

Freak, then

Sexaholix. These two pieces took his work to a more personal level. Johnny Legs was not hiding behind characterizations of his Read More