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The picture of greek verb poiein and regard hispanic literature with arab invasions spain The poems are works written in verse, which seek to express the emotions or impressions of the world for the author , where it is common to use of rhyme and other tools of language.

Among the poems , we find those who are epic , lyric , they exist in the form of odes, dramatic , love , friendship , etc. . They are lyrical expressions , which hold a very stylized narrative , because that itself is part of what is sought with poetry , beauty, and its manifestation through writing. Is that Thus, by which, the poems are the fascination of many people in world and also poets, writers themselves are so adored by everywhere.

Many of the literary works , which began the tradition of the poems come from ancient Greece. Centuries before the birth of Christ. At that time , almost all literary, were poems. Since the word poem comes from the Greek verb , poiein that means do. Thus , any brief, was taken as one among many poems.

With regard to Hispanic literature , the early poems , emerge through the Arab invasions ( 700d.c. ), to Spain. This is thought and in 1950 , they found small fragments lyric , written in Mozarabic . Which is just , that the language was among a combination of Latin vulgar spoken in Spain , in Arabic. And is that Arab culture was much more powerful than that which existed in the Iberian Peninsula. Thus , Latin Hispanic vulgar , began to flood , from the Arabic words .

These poems were written around the first centuries after the birth of Christ. jarchas are called , which were little poems . Which were written by young women and they were talking about His love, to his men .

Among the poems , there are several sub-genres. By example, we have to satire, it is the mockery , contempt , compared with themes quotas to morality or decency. We can also find the poems in the form of elegy, which turns on feelings of deep sadness. Those feelings, born of the soul, when it is hurt or fragmented, an episode of life.

So contrary , we have the odes, which exalt a fact, act or thing by means of positive feelings. And is that not all sadness in the hearts of poets. For this reason, some poems , such as odes , are concerned with feelings of happiness, joy , love and ecstasy , compared to various events that have marked the life of writers.

Anyway, the classic poems are those called lyrical. As it is understood that the various sub-genres of poetry, from of their mother , which comes to lyric poetry. These poems are written in verse. In which the poet speaks first hand. The lines usually are short , where the rhyme is witty . Similarly, syntactic or semantic feature , depending on what you want the writer.

These poems are about feelings or emotions the poet lived . This is how this is expressed in his work. As can be seen, for example in the book 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair , the poet Chilean Pablo Neruda. One of the most famous poets of the world, who even won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

In general , the lyric poems are of short duration. It how to write . Therefore, if youre reading lyric poems, one can account , which are rather short .

As for the time of lyric poems, these are located at the present. Or, in the present, it is time that you are living the poet. Y is that it is based on the actual. Since due to the sensitivity that around , can not pass the time , when it comes to writing something are feeling or situations , which have left deep scars .

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